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I have been slowly working somethings out. But now I’m getting serious about updating my site. I’m working with my friend Sean Blake (also known as  Bluefox ) with giving this site a much needed facelift. You can check out his personal site/portfolio here.

Next up is a much needed font change. I did some looking around for some decent fonts but haven’t turned up much that suits what I want this site to look like, but I’m sure that I will find something. After that I’m going to actually change theme on this site to a custom one.


That is enough for now. I’m going to actually be updating this site more often… I know I keep saying that but I need to now… for my sake.


“Stay Zen”


- ALM (SerenadedAbyss/ZenAbyss)


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Reality… is a weird thing…


It hits you hard in the face when things get tough… but also gives you a somewhat strict set of rules for how things work.


I happened to have lost a lot of data recently. Due to a power outage screwing up the logic board on my main hard drive on my rig. I have been trying to pick up the pieces and luckily have had somethings backed up. But not everything that I would have liked to have backed up. I was dumb and was too wary of the newer hard drive that I bought as a secondary for backups.

So that is the most major thing that has happened to me. I was going to use a project file that I had laying around and some Famitracker instruments I had created for a competition that has already started October 1st. But now I have to start anew.  And honestly, that is okay.

I need to push myself to a higher limit to get this done within the timeframe that entries are being accepted. So I’m going to enjoy the pressure of having to juggle an Internship that I have had since July and classes. Not to mention trying to fit in some relaxation time once in a while. I know that I can do it though… I just hope that I can get some support from others while I do this. It isn’t going to be easy for me.

I’ll put up a clip on my SoundCloud account and probably link it here to for easy access if anyone stumbles upon this blog. And I’ll actually try to be a bit more active when it comes to blogging. I tend to forget about this place. Even though it is always on the back of my mind. As I wonder what to do with this site.

I want to do a mobile phone photography blog but I’m not sure how that will turn out. All I have is a crappy cellphone (Samsung Galaxy Prevail) that I really want to replace as soon as I can. I might use my older LG Optimus V with Instagram for “hipster filter awesomeness”. I’ll think of something since I really want to make more memories to look upon as time goes by.


Finally, I’d like to mention that I have honestly stopped playing a lot of games that I was interested in. I did recently buy Borderlands 2 (bought a steam copy of it for $36 before it released), Guild Wars 2 (Paid $30 for it on release day in store.) and The Secret World. All awesome games for what they bring to the table. But to be honest, Guild Wars 2 seems a bit hollow at times though its a chaotic piece of PvE  (Player versus Environment) fun for me. Though I do not participate in sPvP (Structured Player versus Player) or WvW (World versus World).

As for Borderlands 2 it is leaps and bounds better then the first game just for the huge facts that runs incredibly smoothly on my hardware at max settings and its options are far more robust then the original. But I’m honestly not that much of an FPS person. So I’ll probably just play with friends (Though I have to play catchup now) or whenever I am bored. And finally The Secret World… is an awesome world. The story, world design and theme are tightly wound together which makes for a solid experience that sucks you in. Though I have to say since last I played (during the early access period) that the mechanics needs a bit of tweaking not too much though. The only reason I don’t play that right now is that I simply don’t want to spend $15 a month that can go towards other things.

That doesn’t mean that I will not play it. But it will be sometime before I do. Though with all that has happened over at Funcom recently. I’m not sure how much time I will have to play it since I fear it won’t last much longer.

And lastly, the last post I have on this blog is about PSO2 (Phantasy Star Online 2). Sega of Japan is doing amazing things with the game even as I write this out. They are releasing new things at a blazing speed… and taking care of hackers and bugs as well. And it still isn’t IP blocked… which makes me happy. But it has been announced within the past couple of months that there is going to be a North American version next year and when it comes out, I’ll probably try it out. But I’m going to stay on the Japanese server if I can. I shall try to do something with it whenever I have time. But as it stands my Famicompo entry and school take priority.

I haven’t written this much in forever. Which is probably because I don’t really ever have much to say unless a lot of time has passed… which it has.  I’m now a year older… my birthday was on the 3rd of this month (October for people who don’t read time stamps on blog posts). So I am now a young age of 23… and still not a year wiser.

I don’t have much else to say now so until next time.


“Stay Zen”


-ALM (SerenadedAbyss)

Phantasy Star Online 2 Closed Beta Test – Thoughts

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So, I seem to write posts a bit randomly but my online friends and I who recently played Phantasy Star Online 2′s Closed Beta Test… are left with an feeling to play more. A withdrawal if you will. And if you may wonder why…

My character running in the Forest level.

Its because it was a very satisfying feeling playing it. I personally feel that if the lag and disconnection issues that the servers were having didn’t happen. It would have been ready for release in my opinion. But alas, it had issues. And I’m pretty sure that all of us who did play experienced it. Whether latency just from distance from the servers, or just really odd occurrences…

But let me tell you something. The combat was really good. Granted, I played the Ranger class so I was just running and gunning (I really liked being able to switch from a third person camera to a more normal RPG styled camera angle). But still, I love the style that the game has and even if it doesn’t release here. I shall definitely play Japanese version, even if it isn’t translated/published for the US… as long as they don’t implement an IP block.

And now, time for a slight picture dump.

- / – \ -

Random Dark Enemy Spawn

- / – \ -

City Emergency Mode level

- / – \ -

Dark Ragne

- / – \ -

Volcano Area

- / – \ -

The Area before you drop into the mission.

- / – \ -

I ran the game at medium texture settings and with the Graphical Enhancements on. It gave me a nice solid frame rate for my rig. But overall, until the game either has another test or releases at sometime in the future. I shall be having withdrawal…

I should compose a album or something while I wait…


“Stay Zen.”


Manga… why you ‘spensive?

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Well, first things first…

I have given up on Facebook. So I have removed twitter access on facebook account so I will not updating my “status” on it anymore. I only really used it for my radio group’s page… since it is a method of communication they prefer to use for whatever reason.

And I’m now posting stuff a bit more often to Google Plus…

But anyway, time for the main meat of the post…

Manga, why are you so expensive? The only reason I ask this is because I spent $34 and some change on three manga volumes. The volumes in questions were books 2, 3, and 4 for the series “Tegami Bachi”, also known in English as “Letter Bee”.

I ordered volumes three and four via Amazon directly from them so they should be in decent condition… and got volume two in Barnes and Noble…

The series is apparently rated for Teens but with me being 22. I honestly don’t care. If it is interesting, I’ll read it. But my selection of Manga is slowly shrinking. I wish Tokyopop had not gone under…

I don’t know what else to write so until next time.

“Stay Zen.”


My Thoughts on the PSO2 CBT so far…

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So, I some how got into the Phantasy Star Online 2 Closed Beta Test….

And so far I really l like the game.

Ever since I started playing Phantasy Star Online Blue Burst on a private server (Since it was the only way to get my fix at the time, the official US servers are long dead.) I have been loving the Phantasy Star series ever since. Its grindy yes, but the action never got stale for me. Mostly because the combat system was just solid enough for me not to want to rage at the game if I died. If I died I know why I did.

Combat aside, even with the game in the state that it is in, being a closed beta and all, Its still a very good game and I like the direction that this one has taken so far from what I have seen.

As it stands, I’m only level 5, and I have logged probably only close to 10 hours worth of game play. But I must say that I am having FUN. Something that I can’t say I have been having much of recently. I have been playing Tera on its weekend beta tests and don’t get me wrong, that game is nice as well. But PSO2 is just something that fills this gap in my mind that was pretty empty after playing PSOBB. I have Phantasy Star Zero for my DS to keep me company but then I went through the story too fast and was far too under leveled for the final boss. I need to grind in that game some more to complete it…

But anyway, I guess, even though the game is in Japanese only currently it felt pretty daunting at first. But luckily, people have been translating the menus, and that alone is enough for me to really feel more at ease with the game. So that even if the game doesn’t reach stateside, I shall probably keep playing on the Japanese servers once the game releases. Unless… foreign IPs are blocked…

At any rate, I would like to post some pictures of the game while I can but I’m feeling a tad lazy about that. I might put a few on my Flickr (or somewhere else) and post them here in a separate post. But to recap..


“Stay Zen.”