26 Jun

Making some changes to orezaku.net

I have been slowly working somethings out. But now I’m getting serious about updating my site. I’m working with my friend Sean Blake (also known asĀ  Bluefox ) with giving this site a much needed facelift. You can check out his personal site/portfolio here.

Next up is a much needed font change. I did some looking around for some decent fonts but haven’t turned up much that suits what I want this site to look like, but I’m sure that I will find something. After that I’m going to actually change theme on this site to a custom one.


That is enough for now. I’m going to actually be updating this site more often… I know I keep saying that but I need to now… for my sake.


“Stay Zen”


– ALM (SerenadedAbyss/ZenAbyss)

9 Jan

Happy 2009!

Yes. I’m incredibly late with a post. But I have been busy trying to get college stuff straightened out.

Sadly. I haven’t made any progress on EM-Zen for some reason. I haven’t had any ideas lately. And the existing ideas that I did have aren’t working out at least for my one structured song idea. I’m going to probably mess around and record myself messing with FamiTracker out of boredom and see what I get tomorrow. But for now I’m seriously considering putting this project on hold.

I did however in my spare time play an online game that Aeria Games semi-recently picked up called “Shin Megami Tensei: Imagine Online”

Its very good and I have some screenshots that I’ll post tomorrow since closed beta is over. But I’m not going any further then closed beta until I get a better computer.

Also. I deeply apologize about not updating as often as I promised. I have been busy trying to settle things overall in my life. I thought things last year wouldn’t happen but its a new year and with that…

Happy New Year everyone!

Yes! Its 2009 a year that hopefully good things shall happen to everyone who happens to read this blog. Even if you are just passing through. I wish you all the best of luck this year. Especially SRB. You know who you are. I thank you for supporting me and my blog even though I havn’t updated that much…

Anyway. Its kinda late and I need to get ready to do stuff tomorrow. So for now.

Stay Zen and happy new year!

-SA (SerenadedAbyss)

13 Aug

Small update

Sorry for not updating as much as I said I would anymore… I haven’t really been in the mood to write anything… it seems that things for me are getting worse and worse…

But I’m sure that things will turn around eventually… I just hope that eventually is soon…

I haven’t worked on any of my projects lately… I haven’t really been in the mood… er.. I will probably work on EM-Zen soon though. Mostly because its the one that is bugging me the most right now…

Right now I’m watching an anime called “Nabari no Ou”. Its really good… I will probably post pictures on it sometime soon.. when I’m not lazy… thats all for now… I’m gone. I will update as soon as possible… Just not within the next day or so… sorry.

“Stay Zen.”

-SA (SerenadedAbyss)