7 Dec

Musical, Educational and Writing Issues

So, I’m trying to pick up the pieces with three things recently. I’m trying to get back into school, finish the song “Remnet” (Though it will be known as “Remnant” once I’m finished with it.) As well as finish my 4×4=12 write up.

First off, I’m planning to use as many panels as I can to make the sound for Remnet nice as well as rework a few of the instruments that I have. To me it sounds alright. But then again I use headphones so it probably doesn’t help with the quality. Not to mention my ears get weird sometimes. But I digress…

Secondly, I’m trying to continue my studies at a local college. But I apparently missed a cutoff date to get myself on the right track for the spring semester so I can’t continue until most likely the summer semester. But I guess that I’ll have to do what I can until I can get things done I guess… But I’m super bummed out about it since I’d like to start up again as soon as possible and get my learn on.

And finally, I’m trying to get the 4×4=12 album review/rant out of the way. I just can’t seem to  focus on it despite it being such a passionate thing for me to write about. Its hard to collect my thoughts and I don’t want to listen to it anymore despite it being in my music collection. But I shall get it done as soon as possible. Though to be honest… I’m not liking Deadmau5’s sound much at all. It is way too immature for my tastes.

So, this is a short summary of what is going on in my life besides intense reflection and relationship stuffs which I shall never divulge on the internet. I’m done typing for now… Since I’m trying to do more frequent blog posts. So until next time…

“Stay Zen”


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