26 Jun

Making some changes to orezaku.net

I have been slowly working somethings out. But now I’m getting serious about updating my site. I’m working with my friend Sean Blake (also known as  Bluefox ) with giving this site a much needed facelift. You can check out his personal site/portfolio here.

Next up is a much needed font change. I did some looking around for some decent fonts but haven’t turned up much that suits what I want this site to look like, but I’m sure that I will find something. After that I’m going to actually change theme on this site to a custom one.


That is enough for now. I’m going to actually be updating this site more often… I know I keep saying that but I need to now… for my sake.


“Stay Zen”


– ALM (SerenadedAbyss/ZenAbyss)

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