7 May

Phantasy Star Online 2 Closed Beta Test – Thoughts

So, I seem to write posts a bit randomly but my online friends and I who recently played Phantasy Star Online 2’s Closed Beta Test… are left with an feeling to play more. A withdrawal if you will. And if you may wonder why…

My character running in the Forest level.

Its because it was a very satisfying feeling playing it. I personally feel that if the lag and disconnection issues that the servers were having didn’t happen. It would have been ready for release in my opinion. But alas, it had issues. And I’m pretty sure that all of us who did play experienced it. Whether latency just from distance from the servers, or just really odd occurrences…

But let me tell you something. The combat was really good. Granted, I played the Ranger class so I was just running and gunning (I really liked being able to switch from a third person camera to a more normal RPG styled camera angle). But still, I love the style that the game has and even if it doesn’t release here. I shall definitely play Japanese version, even if it isn’t translated/published for the US… as long as they don’t implement an IP block.

And now, time for a slight picture dump.

– / – –

Random Dark Enemy Spawn

– / – –

City Emergency Mode level

– / – –

Dark Ragne

– / – –

Volcano Area

– / – –

The Area before you drop into the mission.

– / – –

I ran the game at medium texture settings and with the Graphical Enhancements on. It gave me a nice solid frame rate for my rig. But overall, until the game either has another test or releases at sometime in the future. I shall be having withdrawal…

I should compose a album or something while I wait…


“Stay Zen.”