22 Apr

My Thoughts on the PSO2 CBT so far…

So, I some how got into the Phantasy Star Online 2 Closed Beta Test….

And so far I really l like the game.

Ever since I started playing Phantasy Star Online Blue Burst on a private server (Since it was the only way to get my fix at the time, the official US servers are long dead.) I have been loving the Phantasy Star series ever since. Its grindy yes, but the action never got stale for me. Mostly because the combat system was just solid enough for me not to want to rage at the game if I died. If I died I know why I did.

Combat aside, even with the game in the state that it is in, being a closed beta and all, Its still a very good game and I like the direction that this one has taken so far from what I have seen.

As it stands, I’m only level 5, and I have logged probably only close to 10 hours worth of game play. But I must say that I am having FUN. Something that I can’t say I have been having much of recently. I have been playing Tera on its weekend beta tests and don’t get me wrong, that game is nice as well. But PSO2 is just something that fills this gap in my mind that was pretty empty after playing PSOBB. I have Phantasy Star Zero for my DS to keep me company but then I went through the story too fast and was far too under leveled for the final boss. I need to grind in that game some more to complete it…

But anyway, I guess, even though the game is in Japanese only currently it felt pretty daunting at first. But luckily, people have been translating the menus, and that alone is enough for me to really feel more at ease with the game. So that even if the game doesn’t reach stateside, I shall probably keep playing on the Japanese servers once the game releases. Unless… foreign IPs are blocked…

At any rate, I would like to post some pictures of the game while I can but I’m feeling a tad lazy about that. I might put a few on my Flickr (or somewhere else) and post them here in a separate post. But to recap..


“Stay Zen.”